Friday, May 28, 2010

Hot Toys Kamui Gaiden - Kamui on sale at

Hot Toys 1/6 Movie Masterpieces Kamui Gaiden - Kamui figure on sale at  Yes, it is in Japan but at 6,900 yen (USD $76 depending on exchange rate) it will still be less than $100 after shipping. For this figure anything below $100 is a good deal.

Hot Toys 1/6 Kamui at
Now Even Lower at 5,900 Yen!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

12" Star Trek Original Spock at

12" Original Spock are at for $5.99. Super Saver free shipping still apply if you can get the total of qualify items above $25.

Need I say more?

12" Star Trek Movie Original Spock at

TRANSORMERS: Deluxe Cybertronian Prime & Bumblebee Pre-Order at

The new TRANSFORMERS: War for Cybertron - Multiplayer game is coming out and many of characters design are sweet!

The Deluxe Class Cybertronian Optimus Prime and Bumblebee is up for Pre-Order at at $12.99. Now Hasbro Marketing should learn to take proper product pictures like these guys.

Big Ol' War For Cybertron Optimus Prime Gallery

The Toy is schedule to ship in August, so it's still a long way out. But just in case you don't want to miss the chance to get one.



DC Universe Classics Wave 15 Preorder at

DC Universe Classics Wave 15 is up for Pre-Order at at $15.99 per figure. Looks like Amazon have raised their usual $14.99 retail price for DC Universe Classics. This is still a good price consider if you spend more than $25 the shipping is free. So the total end up actually cheaper than ordering from Not to mention you don't have to fight with the on sale day traffic on As well as ordering just the figures that you want.

But remember also allow other retailers to sell their items, so once the Amazon stock run out, the price automatically shot up and the shipping discount goes away even when the figures is still available from other retailers.

One thing to watch out is variant figures. Since Amazon items are all base on an unique product number. it actually have problem tracking variant figures so you may randomly get the regular or variant figures regardless of what the product photo is showing. so if you care about variant figures, you may want to order that one from someone else.

DC Universe Classics Wave 15

Wave 15 includes Martian Manhunter, Jemm of Saturn, Golden Pharaoh, Starman, OMAC, Raven, Batman Sinestro Corps.and CNC parts to build Validus

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

DC Universe Classics Wave 13 Blue Devil at

New DC Universe Classics figures are hitting the retails, but some figures are harder to find than others. If you are looking for the complete set. Mattycollector is the best place to get them at retail price. But if you are only interested in couple of figures they usually end up selling for more than $20 per figure. now have the Blue Devil figure at $14.97 and of course the good thing about is saving on the shipping if you don't mind drive down to your local Wal-Mart to pick them up.

There are other figures available as well but Blue Devil is one of harder ones to find

DC Universe Classic Blue Devil Sold Out! offers 1% cashback if you click through their links.

Monday, May 24, 2010

6" Dark Knight Movie Masters figures available at

The old Movie Masters Jokers were over produced and the figures were sold at $5 in the Toys R US stores. I didn't think Toys R US were going to get any more figures from this series. New figures were make available on and sold out for $15 per figure.

Now these figures are available on-line at for $12.99. I am not sure but maybe you will see them in stores as well.

Survival Suit Bruce Wayne
Two Face, Harvey Dent with burned face
Harvey Dent before accident
The Joker without the overcoat and with missile launcher offers 2% cashback shopping for

12" Triple H - Jakks Pacific WWE Maximum Aggression at

Did yo miss out on the over priced MOTU Classic Tytus?

Looking for an muscular base figure for your next custom?

The 12" Jakks Pacific WWE Maximum Aggression are on sale for $14.99 at Toys R US. Only available in stores.

Of course, popular figures like Triple H are long gone. But if Triple H is the one you want, Wal-Mart has just make it available for purchase on-line at for $19.96. free shipping if you have a Wal-Mart near you that you can pick up.

If you are a WWE fan, you already have this. But even if you are not an WWE fan, this is the best articulate and sculpted muscular body in the market today. There are other characters, but Triple H is a dead on for a Thor custom. If you want your custom Thor, start with this figure and make it ready before the Thor movie come out. your 12" figure will be better than anything Hasbro tries to push out.

12" Jakks Pacific WWE Maximum Aggression - Triple H offers 1% cashback if you click through their links then search "WWE Maximum" to find it.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cashback Shopping

If you are going to make an purchase anyway, why not get some money back in the process? Many websites offer rebate / cashback from retailers when you click through their websites.

I use You are welcome to joint them if you like. Some of my links may pass through those site to give me the referral credit.