Monday, June 28, 2010

DC Universe Classics Wave 13 available to

DC Universe Classics Wave 13 in stock at

DC Universe Classics Wave 13 at

Since some of the figures don't show up in the search, here is some of individual links
DC Universe Classics Wave 13 Donna Troy
DC Universe Classics Wave 13 Classic Cheetah, I am not sure if Walmart have problem tracking variants?

TRANSFORMERS: Buy 1 get 1 50% off at

Toys R US is having a Buy one get one 50% off sale on TRANSFORMERS toys so you can get as much as 25% OFF when you buy them in even numbers. This is on top of the already price reduced TRANSFORMERS: ROTF movie figures and it also include the new "HOT" Transformers Universe Figures.

Toys R US has also recently lowered their free shipping minimum to just $50 so you should be able to buy them without paying any shipping. Unfortunately the Hot items like the new Transformers Universe Optimus Prime are already out of the stock. but there is still a few Leader Class Figures you can take the advantage of.

Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off on Transformers Toys Sales Ended July 3rd, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Toys R US - DC Universe vs Masters of the Universe 2 Pack

The Toys R US exclusive DC Universe vs Masters of the Universe 2 Pack are in stock again at  and also available in many Toys R US stores.  It's very nice to see these figures right before the SDCC (San Diego Comic Con).  Mattel will be reveal new characters for the next 2 packs.  Toys R US is doing a much better jobs of making this figures available.  Let's just hope they didn't over do it like what they did to the Dark Knight Joker figure.  I hope to see all the Masters of the Universe figures to come as 2 Packs figures.  Or better yet if they will be able to make MOTU Classic figures available as single figures.  I will be so happy that I don't have to deal with

By the way, has reduce the free shipping qualifying limit to just $50 so this should work great for most people.

DCUC - MOTUC He-man vs Superman base on the minicomic that superman was control by Skeletor's magic. The reprint of the minicomic is included in this 2 pack.

DCUC - MOTUC Skeletor vs Lex Luthor more like an alliance than vs. The 2nd half of the minicomic is also included in this 2 pack.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Shopping Tips for is unique retail network and a great place to find great deals. But there are things to watch out for. I include a short summary for your quick glance then a detail explanation for anyone who is interested.
  • Free Shipping: Amazon offers Free Shipping on qualifying items for $25 or more .
  • Price Fluctuation: Price and shipping of an item may change when they are not sold by Amazon.
  • Duplicate Item Available at Different Price: Look through the search results can save you money.
  • Variant in Toys: Amazon can not track variant figures. you will get regular or variant figure at random.
  • Outrageous Deals: Clearance sales are usually by 3rd Party retailer and no free shipping.
If you want to know why, read on.

Free Shipping
In many cases, shipping is a big disadvantage when it comes to on-line shopping. Being one of the largest on-line distributors, however, Amazon is able to offer Free Shipping when the combined total of your qualifying items are higher than $25. Qualifying items refer to all items sold by Amazon Directly or their Premium Retailers. This is great, because $25 is not very hard to reach at all.  Compare to $50 for and $100 for  Amazon has the lowest free shipping minimum.  However, since the "Free Super Saver Shipping" only apply to items sold Directly by Amazon, that means when Amazon's stock are out, free shipping may also disappear even if the item is still available through other 3rd Party Retailers. As an added Bonus, Amazon is one of few retailers not base out of California and Tax Free in my case. Buying items at Amazon is cheaper than picking them up at local stores. (Free shipping and no Sales Tax)

Price Fluctuation
Amazon do not constantly change their prices.  However, Amazon is a retail network that a single item can be sold by Amazon Directly or by other 3rd party retailers.  This is a unique system that allow many items continue to be available even after items are discontinued from other retail channels.  Amazon's system places the items with the lowest price+shipping in front.  The price fluctuation you see is when the stock of the lowest priced seller ran out then price automatically goes to the next seller offering the next lowest price.  Same thing will happen when a new seller add stock at lower price for an item, the price automatically goes down the seller offering the lowest priced item.
In the case of action figures, price are usually at the lowest when sold directly by, because they are a general retail store and not a specialty store.  So it's quite often to see the price of an action figure shot up once Amazon run out of the stock. because the specialty store usually offer the same figure at much higher price.
Sometimes you may find some items are cheaper from other sellers even after shipping are added.  Check the other sellers pricing before decide which one to buy. 

Duplicate Item Available at Different Price
This is the fault of 3rd Party Seller, but sometimes necessary.  All the items on the Amazon have an unique ASIN number.  Same item should fall into same ASIN.  But sometimes the items are added by 3rd party sellers who do not want to use the same ASIN number.  Either they choose not to participate in the price competition or feel that the items do not match the ones they sell (as in case of variants).  So when you do a search, look around for other results.  the Same items may be listed more than once at different price.

Variant in Toys or Item not as Pictured
It's quite common variant version are offered in Action Figures.  But with Package being the same with variants, they can not be tracked properly by Amazon ASIN.  That's why when purchase Action Figures sold directly from Amazon, they can end up being the regular or variant version depending on your luck.  This is not the case when dealing the a 3rd party reseller.  A 3rd party retailer can create a ASIN number for specific version of the variant figure and so you know that you are getting.  However some retailers may also use Amazon's ASIN and the figures may not be the one in the picture. The Best way to deal with this is to purchase the item (just in case the stock ran out quickly) then contact the seller before the item is shipped.  Seller will usually allow you to cancel the order if it is the not item you want.  Most seller will not risk a bad feedback for selling item not as described.  This however does not work with items sold directly by Amazon, because Amazon uses big fulfillment house and won't be able to check or understand the different in your individual order. But You can received it first then return your items back to Amazon free of charge when they are sold directly by
Many collectors don't like this, but I think this is great because this allow you get hard to find variant at regular retail price, which is almost impossible at any other retail channel.

Outrageous Deals
On-line retailers will have clearance sales just like regular retail store.  So you can find items time to time at unbelievable prices.  Most of these items are sold by 3rd party retailers.  Shipping is not free.  so be sure to factor in the shipping cost.

I hope this contain some helpful information to give you a good understand how works and help you find good deals on

Toy Deals on

Friday, June 4, 2010

DC Universe Classic Wave 13 Cheetah at

Looks like are getting more Cheetah figures in stock. Price is lower at $14.99 since they are sold directly from

Remember the shipping is free if you get the total of qualifying items over $25.

Be careful though if you care about the variants, you can end up getting the modern cheetah instead what's in the photo.

DC Universe Classic Wave 13 Cheetah at

P.S. That didn't last very long at all. In fact, the Amazon Stock only lasted 3~4 hours when I checked.

Here is the link for the DC Universe Classic Wave 13 on Amazon and there is a modern cheetah link from 3rd party vendors and still have free shipping. When the product are created by the 3rd party vendors then you know you are getting the modern version and not at random.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Good value - Mattel WWE Female Basic Figures - Mickie James

Okay, so I don't have a link for your to click on this one, since I can't find anything below what they sell in store at Wal-Mart.  So just some information for you. Link added.

I had no complaint on the Jakks Pacific male figures.  Jakks Pacific use 3D face scanning technology so all the head sculpts looks are with true likeness.  On the other hand, however, the female sculpts always looks too rough (or ugly) for me.  Mattel took over the WWE wrestling figures production since 2010 after the licensing ended for Jakks Pacific.  With Mattel taking over, the new female sculpts actually are good looking.  Okay so there is a little bit of comic style in them but I much prefer these version over the Jakks Pacific ones.

This may not be a big deal for some people but what real adds to the value is the new female body Mattel is using.  Since female figures isn't very big in volume like the male figures.  Mattel deiced to use one base figure for the female rather than having the basic + elite lines like the male figures.  So all the female actually have elite articulation at basic figure price point ($10).  So watch out for Mattel's WWE female figures.  If Mattel keeps this up, every WWE female figures will be a hot figure to pick up.

Strange thing is that I have seem this wave been out at Wal-Mart for quite some time, but I have yet to see them in other major retailers like Target or Toys R US. I have seem them in store at Toys R US now. They are not too hard to find at Wal-Mart but at $10 per figure they don't stay on peg for too long either.

Added 06/08/2010 - Finally available at Toys R US
Mattel Mickie james at