Friday, June 4, 2010

DC Universe Classic Wave 13 Cheetah at

Looks like are getting more Cheetah figures in stock. Price is lower at $14.99 since they are sold directly from

Remember the shipping is free if you get the total of qualifying items over $25.

Be careful though if you care about the variants, you can end up getting the modern cheetah instead what's in the photo.

DC Universe Classic Wave 13 Cheetah at

P.S. That didn't last very long at all. In fact, the Amazon Stock only lasted 3~4 hours when I checked.

Here is the link for the DC Universe Classic Wave 13 on Amazon and there is a modern cheetah link from 3rd party vendors and still have free shipping. When the product are created by the 3rd party vendors then you know you are getting the modern version and not at random.

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