Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Good value - Mattel WWE Female Basic Figures - Mickie James

Okay, so I don't have a link for your to click on this one, since I can't find anything below what they sell in store at Wal-Mart.  So just some information for you. Link added.

I had no complaint on the Jakks Pacific male figures.  Jakks Pacific use 3D face scanning technology so all the head sculpts looks are with true likeness.  On the other hand, however, the female sculpts always looks too rough (or ugly) for me.  Mattel took over the WWE wrestling figures production since 2010 after the licensing ended for Jakks Pacific.  With Mattel taking over, the new female sculpts actually are good looking.  Okay so there is a little bit of comic style in them but I much prefer these version over the Jakks Pacific ones.

This may not be a big deal for some people but what real adds to the value is the new female body Mattel is using.  Since female figures isn't very big in volume like the male figures.  Mattel deiced to use one base figure for the female rather than having the basic + elite lines like the male figures.  So all the female actually have elite articulation at basic figure price point ($10).  So watch out for Mattel's WWE female figures.  If Mattel keeps this up, every WWE female figures will be a hot figure to pick up.

Strange thing is that I have seem this wave been out at Wal-Mart for quite some time, but I have yet to see them in other major retailers like Target or Toys R US. I have seem them in store at Toys R US now. They are not too hard to find at Wal-Mart but at $10 per figure they don't stay on peg for too long either.

Added 06/08/2010 - Finally available at Toys R US
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