Thursday, June 24, 2010

Toys R US - DC Universe vs Masters of the Universe 2 Pack

The Toys R US exclusive DC Universe vs Masters of the Universe 2 Pack are in stock again at  and also available in many Toys R US stores.  It's very nice to see these figures right before the SDCC (San Diego Comic Con).  Mattel will be reveal new characters for the next 2 packs.  Toys R US is doing a much better jobs of making this figures available.  Let's just hope they didn't over do it like what they did to the Dark Knight Joker figure.  I hope to see all the Masters of the Universe figures to come as 2 Packs figures.  Or better yet if they will be able to make MOTU Classic figures available as single figures.  I will be so happy that I don't have to deal with

By the way, has reduce the free shipping qualifying limit to just $50 so this should work great for most people.

DCUC - MOTUC He-man vs Superman base on the minicomic that superman was control by Skeletor's magic. The reprint of the minicomic is included in this 2 pack.

DCUC - MOTUC Skeletor vs Lex Luthor more like an alliance than vs. The 2nd half of the minicomic is also included in this 2 pack.

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