Thursday, May 27, 2010

DC Universe Classics Wave 15 Preorder at

DC Universe Classics Wave 15 is up for Pre-Order at at $15.99 per figure. Looks like Amazon have raised their usual $14.99 retail price for DC Universe Classics. This is still a good price consider if you spend more than $25 the shipping is free. So the total end up actually cheaper than ordering from Not to mention you don't have to fight with the on sale day traffic on As well as ordering just the figures that you want.

But remember also allow other retailers to sell their items, so once the Amazon stock run out, the price automatically shot up and the shipping discount goes away even when the figures is still available from other retailers.

One thing to watch out is variant figures. Since Amazon items are all base on an unique product number. it actually have problem tracking variant figures so you may randomly get the regular or variant figures regardless of what the product photo is showing. so if you care about variant figures, you may want to order that one from someone else.

DC Universe Classics Wave 15

Wave 15 includes Martian Manhunter, Jemm of Saturn, Golden Pharaoh, Starman, OMAC, Raven, Batman Sinestro Corps.and CNC parts to build Validus

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