Thursday, January 26, 2012

TNA Deluxe Impact Series 6 Madison Rayne at

While most of figures from the TNA Deluxe Impact line are peg warmers,  the female ones are actually great figures (most of the them anyway).  But since no local retailers can sell them fast enough, most of retailers had stopped carrying this line or at least stopped getting any new ones in.

Luckily I have found the New Deluxe IMPACT Series 6 Madison Rayne on Sale for $10.49 which is about regular price if you are able to find it in the store, but that is almost impossible.

TNA Deluxe Impact Series 6 Madison Rayne

Of course there is still the shipping and handling charge you have to worry about.  So you  if you are able to get your total up to $40, the shipping is free.  You can't get rid of the handle charge but  at least they don't lie about it and charge you tax top of that like Digital River (i.e. MattyCollector's  MOTU Classics).
But if you don't have anything else to buy, you can always sell off the the extra Rayne and get your Money Back that way.  

These figures are about the same height as the MOTU Classics figures.  They are 7" Figures like the Mattel WWE line.  The ladies in this line however,  are larger / taller than the Mattel WWE Divas.

Updates (2/11/2012): Recently They have added More figures from Series 5 as well, for $7.99.
And Here is something you might like for you to get up to the $40 free shipping limit. TNA Cross the Line 3 Dr. Stevie and Daffney.
Also also have the Angelina Love for $9.99 with free shipping.
Updates (2/15/2012): Looks like they raise the price a little but now even Velvet Sky show up for a visit
Very nice to have all 4 ladies available at the same time and reasonable priced.

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