Monday, March 19, 2012

Return of Marvel Legends Wave 2 at

Return of Marvel Legends Wave 2 had show up on Last Friday (3/16/2012).  Unfortunately most of the figures were sold out in a few hours.  Here is a link for the figures and only the New Captain America and Drax are available at time of writing.
at $15 has the lowest price around.  However, these figures is not include with the $75 free shipping deal so you will need to added shipping on top of that unless you are a Target Red Card customer. 
All hope is not lost, be sure to check your local Target Store.  When ever there are now items online, it also mean they will be showing up in stores as well.  I have just found the whole set of wave 2 in the store this Morning.  Not all variants but a whole set of 7 figure plus 1 extra Cap.  Good Luck hunting.

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