Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Marvel Legends 2 Pack Links on

Marvel Legends 2 Packs were available from on Oct 29, 2010.  I didn't want to post anything since I know they won't going to last very long, plus this is still at regular price and not at a disconnected price.

Since this time around, the packaging is the same for both regular and variant figures.  It probably means there is no way to track / distinguish them from's on-line purchase.  Good luck with getting the figures you wanted whether it is regular version, variant version or both.

The sale for Deadpool & Warpath 2-Pack lasted only about 5 hours.

The Black Widow & Winter Soldier lasted about 12 hours

The Valkyrie & Hulk lasted about 2 and half days.

Since we know they will most likely become available again, I thought I will keep the links here so you can check up on them.  As the search engine takes time to update, and most of times these items will be out of stock again by the time they show up in the search results.

By the way, lucky for the people got them around 10/29/2010.  They are now $30 each instead of $25

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